San Hima 12V 300Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery LiFePO4 w/ Bluetooth Built-in BMS

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  • Bluetooth Compatibility: Equipped with an app to monitor capacity, status, and temperature in real-time via Bluetooth, available on the App Store and Google Play.
  • 6,000 Cycles: Powered by Grade A prismatic cells with higher energy density than cylindrical cells, it features a lifespan of 6,000 cycles, ensuring long-term reliability.
  • Flexible Configurations: Tailor your setup with options for 2s & 2p configurations, maximizing output potential for situations like power outages or hurricanes.
  • Powerhouse Performance: With a continuous discharge of 300A and a pulse discharge of 350A, our battery effortlessly powers fridge, air conditioner and kettle.
  • Smarter BMS: Upgraded for overvoltage, overcurrent, overdischarge, overcharge and overheat protection, minimizing cell degradation for safer operation.
  • Quick Recharge: Our smart LiFePO4 battery recharges faster with a maximum charging current of 150A, ensuring availability of power in time-sensitive situations.
  • Extended Usable Capacity: Our battery safely allows discharge to 80~90%, maximizing operational times compared to AGM batteries limited to 50% discharge.
  • Fire-Resistant Housing: Provides vertical burning resistance, reducing fire spread risks, especially in remote areas with delayed emergency responses.
  • Massive Capacity: Eliminate the need for multiple batteries with our single smart 300Ah LiFePO4 battery, capable of handling substantial power demand with ease.
  • Minimal Self-Discharge: Our LiFePO4 battery maintains minimal self-discharge, preserving charge for months in storage, ensuring reliable power whenever needed.
Cell Type: Prismatic LiFePO4
Rated Capacity: 300Ah
Nominal Voltage: 12.8V
Cycle Life: 6,000 (0.2c; DoD 80%)
Recommended Charge Current for Maximum Life: 60A
Max. Continuous Charge Current: 150A
Max. Continuous Discharge Current: 300A
Max. Pulse Discharge Current (3s): 350A
Charge Cut-off Voltage: 14.4V
Discharge Cut-off Voltage: 10.8V
Standby (Float) Voltage: 10.8V~14.4V
Max. Modules in Series/Parallel Configuration: 2S/2P or 2S & 2P
Self-discharge (Per Month): <3%
Internal Resistance: ≤15mΩ
Operating Temperatures: -0°C~55°C
Storage Temperatures: -20°C~45°C
Relative Humidity: ≤95RH
Certifications: CE
Package Size: 555mm x 305mm x 255mm
Package Weight: 27.7KG

Package Includes

  • 1 x San Hima 300Ah Smart LiFePO4 Battery
  • 1 x User Manual


5 Years Warranty

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