12V Portable Air Compressor

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12v Portable air compressor 

Having a good portable compressor when you’re out bush and taking on the Aussie Outback is essential so this is the one for you. 

With the working capacity of 150psi and the grunt to inflate a 4x4 tyre in roughly 90 seconds and equipped with a bleed valve this is a must have for 4x4ing. 

The compressor can be also used to deflate your tyres when you get yourself in a sticky situation and you can pre set inflation when you get out of the mess.

Fitted with coiled hose and pressure gauge, heavy duty on/off switch and double alloy cylinder blocks this bad boy pumps 85lt per minute and has a 3mt fussed power cord fitted with alligator clips to connect straight to your battery. Hell we are even going to chuck in a little tyre plug kit just to keep with your compressor so you’ve got it when you need it.

Supplied with a 3 year warranty and of course a money back guarantee because we know you’ll be just as impressed as us with your new compressor.


Package Contents
* 1 x Air compressor
* 1 x Coiled air hose
* 1 x Air hose
* 2 x Battery clamps
* 3 x Nozzle adaptors
* 1 x Deflation valve
* 1 x Tyre plug kit
* 1 x Quick connect
* 1 x User manual

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