Australia; the country – in fact, the continent- famous for its enormous natural wonders, wide open spaces, numerous spectacular beaches, and vast deserts that are to be called the heaven on the earth. Each and every part of this wonderful piece of the world and symbol of beauty hosts you for the greatest fun to enjoy your valuable life the most.

‌Being a gladsome person who wants to taste the most sweets of his/her life and take the most joy of it, you will have the chance to spend a day in the beautiful sandy beaches of great Australia and get as much vitamin D as you need from the merciful sun rays. By the end of the day you may give yourself the chance of flirting with the lovely sunset by watching how the great sun goes to sleep with coquetrymillion miles away from your arms, but still blinking at you. He wants to say and whisper in your air that does not be upset, I am coming back as soon as you wake up tomorrow in the morning, but please do not look for anybody else to warm you up! After the sunset, you can try exhibiting your art and skills of fishing in the seaside in the evening. For sure you are as lucky to hunt at least three fishes for your night barbeque and to serve with your beloved ones.

This was only one aspect of your luxury life in Australia, the second aspect of your sweet dreams comes when you start driving in the nation- ending enormous deserts for hours and hours… and listening to your favorite song “You are the voice” by John Farnham. No matters for how long and to which side you go and no fair of the night if it comes. You may have a complete camping package with you and can stay anywhere you want. “Each part of the world is my home as it is the property of my god –translation of a Persian poetry-”.

The next but not the last, adventures part of your great time in Australia for sure can be exploring the wild natural forests and experience the excitement of hunting. Wow!
Sorry for disturbing and breaking your pretty nice dreams, but wake up, I want to tell you that there is no great barrier to stop you fulfill all these hopes and realize the great dreams. Please decide and you will see that the earth, the sun, the trees, the ocean, the forest, your car, your mind, your feet … and even usall will come together to do for your what your heart wants. Please be prepared for a nice adventurous trip.

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