15 Camping Tips

15 Camping Tips


1) Check All your gear. 

Be sure you check all your gear before you leave. If you have a tent make sure you set it up in the backyard before you go to make sure you have all poles and pegs and check for rips and tears (we don’t want to get a wet arse if it rains). If sleeping in a swag make sure you have waterproofed it when It was purchased. Most swags need to be set up and wet with the hose after purchased to help the canvas swell around the stitching to create the waterproofing. Check out your gas levels for the stove and make sure the stove lights up.

Most of all remember how tents, sleeping bags and camping gear was packed in its carry bag because we all know how hard some gear can be to fit back in that little tiny bag.

2) Do some research of where you’re camping. 

Check what facilities are available. Are there showers, barbeques, shade options and access to clean and safe drinking water? This will help you decide what to pack and what to leave at home..

3) Check dangers

Always check out the area for dangers. If it might be poisonous flaura or fauna. Best to have a GOOD first aid kit at hand all the time making sure it includes good snake bandages. Be prepared for everything when it comes to first aid. Also don’t forget to pack a good insect repellent.

4) Check the weather

Everyone will always check the weather before they leave but be prepared for everything when it comes to weather. Wind, Rain, Heat and Cold. Wind and heat could put you in danger of fire or falling branches also could result in heat stroke and that’s just to mention a couple of things. Again you need to be prepared for everything. Be ready to tackle the cold and rain, nobody likes to be wet and cold. Pack those rain coats and have plenty of wood for the fire.

5) Be prepared for the worst. 

Camping essentials also include preparing for emergencies. Tell friends and family where you are going and how long you’ll be. Make sure you carry some money and a phone in case you need to make contact with someone.

6) Good Lights

Good lights such as a head lamp or worklights set up on your 4x4 are amazing when camping. They get used for everything from cooking, toilet runs or hearing scary noises. Don’t go without it.

7) Few small things to remember  

Matches in a waterproof container are a must and don’t forget hand sanitisers, soap and facewipes. Don’t forget to take a hammer for the pegs!

8) Setting up camp 

We all know that we can get a little excited when we go camping and go straight for the chair and hit the esky for a beer but it really does pay to get set up before it gets dark. Its never fun setting up in the dark.

9) Choosing your campsite.

This camping tip is all about safety. Pick a spot with flat ground. Avoid camping under trees. If you are camping near trees, look around first for warning signs of rotting branches or fallen limbs. Don’t camp where there’s a possibility of branches falling on your tent.

10) Clear the ground

Remove all sticks and rocks from where you plan to set up your tent, and make sure there are no ant nests.

11) Manage your fire

Another safety camping tip is to build all campfires well away from trees and root systems – roots can catch fire. Be aware of local fire regulations and weather conditions, use established fire rings and always keep a bucket of water handy. And remember: your fire isn’t truly out until you can sift through the ashes with your fingers. Never, ever leave your fire unattended. When you’ve finished, cover the dying embers and ashes with a deep coat of dirt or sand. You don’t want children accidentally walking over them.

12) Keep warm. 

Take plenty of warm clothes and pack your hot water bottle.

13) Make sure everything is dry when you pack up

Only pack your tent away once it is completely dry, as mildew can damage it and will make it smell musty. If you can’t get it dry before you leave, pack it away wet and then unpack, dry, sweep and air it out in the sun as soon as you get home. Do the same with poles and pegs to avoid rust.

14) Leave it how you found it!

Take all rubbish with you and be sure to put your fire out.

15) Have fun and enjoy the Aussie Outback


Here at AussieOutbackStore we like to help everyone to enjoy their camping experience. We are happy to help select the right products for you or just to point you in the right direction. We use all our products and have the knowledge on how to use it. If you have any queries feel free to email us at info@aussieoutbackstore.com.au and one of our team members will be with you ASAP.

Cheers Guys and Girls

Happy travels and stay safe