Smart Battery Charger 5A 6V/12V Automatic SLA Car Boat Tractor Motorcycle Truck

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Smart 5amp Automatic charger.

This smart multi step 5amp charger is ideal for keeping everything charged and never have to deal with a flat battery again.

With total cord length of 2.2mt and fitted with either alligator clips or battery terminals so you can leave connected all the time to just plug the charger straight in when your finished to ensure it’s ready and fully charged for next time you want to use it. 

The charger will suit all types of 6v or 12v lead acid batteries such as wet, mf, agm and gel. 

Imagine having fully charged batteries in the boat, car, camper, Caravan, motorbike and lawn mower all the time. 

It can also be used as a power supply when you’re set up at the caravan park or home for all your 12v appliances with a 5am output.

This smart charger is a must have around the house and for your trips away. Small and compact to take anywhere.

These are supplied with 5 year warranty and money back guarantee because we know you’ll be impressed with us amazing technology at the best price.