Digital Alcohol Tester breathalyzer

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Automatic shutdown, fast response.
Alcohol tester has a key chain for easy carrying
Rapid collection of breath samples and provision of blood alcohol content (BAC) estimates using advanced semiconductor alcohol sensing technology
"Warning" is displayed when the result is between 0.02% and 0.05%, and "Danger" is displayed when the result is equal to or higher than 0.05%.

Colour: Black
Size: 110 * 70 * 25 mm
Battery: 2" AAA" alkaline battery (not included)
Range: 0.00-0.19% BAC & 0.0-1.9g/l (or 0.00-0.95mg/l BRAC)
Accuracy: 0.01% BAC (0.1 g / l)


Please note- This item is for an indication ONLY. 

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