ATEM POWER 12V Battery Box
ATEM POWER 12V Battery Box
ATEM POWER 12V Battery Box
ATEM POWER 12V Battery Box
ATEM POWER 12V Battery Box
ATEM POWER 12V Battery Box
ATEM POWER 12V Battery Box
ATEM POWER 12V Battery Box
ATEM POWER 12V Battery Box

ATEM POWER 12V Battery Box

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Transform your battery into a convenient portable power station with our 12V battery box. With its expansive interior, our battery box easily accommodates most 12V batteries with dimension up to 39.3 x 18.3 x 21.5cm. Boasting a variety of outlets, our battery box is crafted to provide power to a wide range of devices. With its prewired setup, just connect our ATEM POWER marine battery box to your battery terminals for instant use. The inclusion of an adjustable divider ensures secure housing of smaller batteries. Whether you're embarking on a camping adventure or exploring a remote location, the pair of USB ports offers the convenience of directly charging your phones, tablets, and laptops, while the CIG socket energizes camp lights, fridges, and more. With Anderson plugs, our battery box effortlessly harnesses the power of solar panels or your vehicle’s main battery to charge your auxiliary battery.
  • Multiple Outlets: Our battery box enables your battery to power various devices with its USB-A port, USB-C port, DC5521 port, CIG socket and 2 Anderson plugs.
  • Effortless Recharging: Charge the battery within our caravan battery box using solar panels or your vehicle’s main battery via the Anderson plugs.
  • Hassle-Free Setup: Pre-wired for your convenience, all it takes to put our caravan battery box into action is connecting it to your battery terminals.
  • Uncompromised Safety: Safeguard your delicate appliances with the built-in circuit breaker, while the on/off switch prevents any unwanted battery drainage.
  • Enhanced Compatibility: Our marine battery box readily fits the majority of 4WD batteries with dimensions of up to 39.3 x 18.3 x 21.5cm.
  • Adjustable Divider: ATEM POWER marine battery box comes equipped with an adjustable divider designed for convenient housing of a smaller battery.
  • Limitless Versatility: Our 12V battery box accommodates diverse needs, including 4x4s, compact boats, solar panels, electronic devices, camp lights, and refrigerators.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Stay informed about your battery's voltage status on the LCD display below the USB-C port, ensuring optimal charging management.
  • Dependable and Convenient: Our battery box features mounting bars, screws, and a sturdy strap for secure and reliable mounting, while the handles ensure easy carrying.
  • Tough Construction: Crafted from robust ABS housing, our battery box showcases remarkable resistance against shocks, impacts, dust, corrosion, and UV exposure.
Input voltage 12-24 V DC
Anderson Plugs: 50A
Type C Included: Yes
CIG Socket: 12V
Circuit Breaker: 10A
QC 3.0: 5V3.1A/7V2.4A/9V2A/12V1.5A
Internal Size: 39 x 17 x 20cm

Package Includes

  • 1 x ATEM POWER Battery Box
  • 1 x Fastening Strap
  • 1 x Internal Bracket
  • Accessories


2 Years Warranty


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