12V 110Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery
12V 110Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery
12V 110Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery
12V 110Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery
12V 110Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery
12V 110Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery
12V 110Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery
12V 110Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery

12V 110Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery

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The ATEM POWER deep cycle AGM battery is designed for providing superior power to support the higher electrical demands of your vehicles, applications and equipment through absorbent glass mat separators and advanced valve regulated technology. Offering higher specific power, lower internal resistance and self-discharge rate, more accurate response to load, longer cycle life and up to 5 times faster charge than conventional counterparts, this rechargeable battery using 99.999% pure virgin lead is a great premium choice for people who seek greater reliability and longer service life in auto batteries with wider operating temperature. The heavy duty construction with completely sealed design makes the battery spill and leak proof, weatherproof, maintenance-free, convenient to mount, and extremely resistant to vibration, corrosion, shocks or impact. Whether it's for daily use or backup power, ATEM POWER is the ideal candidate for a battery meeting high quality and outstanding performance.
  • Outstanding Performance: Featuring higher discharge currents and lower internal resistance, it is accurately and quickly responsive to load.
  • High Charging Efficiency: This AGM battery has 100% discharge depth and up to 5 times higher charge rate than traditional flooded tech.
  • Deep Cycling Design: Heavy duty plates and lead tin alloy grids are designed for better cycling performance in deep, repetitive discharges.
  • Better Power Capacity: 99.999% pure virgin lead allows for maximum power storage and capacity compared to low quality recycled lead.
  • Longer Service Life: A low self-discharge rate less than 3% per month and deep discharge recover guarantee up to a life span of 1600 cycles.
  • Leak & Spill-Proof Tech: Acid encapsulation in matting technology and factory sealed lid ensure no acid leakage and minimal gassing.
  • Maintenance Free: Manufactured with thick AGM separators and advanced valve regulated technology, it saves you from frequent maintenance.
  • Universal Application: Ready to power most vehicles and applications, PV systems, RV backup power and outdoor or recreational activities.
  • User Friendly Design: Thick handle offers excellent carrying and mounting experience and ensures convenience during daily use.
Rated capacity (10 hour rate): 200AH
Life Cycle: 1,450
Nominal voltage: 12V
Float charge (Constant Voltage): 13.6-13.8V(-18mV/ ℃)
Cycle Charge (Constant Voltage): 14.4-15.0V(-30mV/℃), Max. Current:33.75A
Max Discharge Current: Less than 60A (Initial)
Max Charge Current: 22.5A~30A
Self Discharge Rate: Less Than 3% per month at 20℃
Capacity Affected by Temperature: 0℃=85% | 20℃=100% | 40℃=109% | -15℃=65%
Internal Resistance: Full charged at 20℃: 0.0038 Ohm
Charge Temperature: 0℃~40℃
Standby Use: 13.5V~13.8V
Package Dimensions: 545x240x300mm
Package Weight: 44.05kg
Package Includes
  • 1x ATEM POWER 12V 110AH AGM Battery
  • 1 set Screw & Washer Kit


1 Year Warranty

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