5ft Australian Black Leather Stock Whip

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This is a 5ft Black Leather stock whip. The whip is made to the highest standard, as the pictures clearly show. Have a look at all my whips and see the quality of the workmanship. This whip is a more economical option than Red Hide but still is extremely durable. Red Hide is more suited to real stock work, but if you are going to crack it in your back yard or it is your first whip, then this whip will do you well.

The handle is made of Australian hardwood and has a cow hide wrapped handle. The leather is softer on the hands than red hide but still wears extremely well. 

The 5ft measurement is the length of the plaited part of the whip, called a thong. The handle is 19 inches in length and it also has a 2ft fall, (the single strand of leather on the end).

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